We Teach Children How To Type

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The #1 Site for teaching children typing!


Typing for Children is the preferred Common Core keyboarding resource of the Teachtopia Education Network.

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At what age should children learn to type?

Learning concepts about the keyboard should begin as early as age four or five.

What about numeric keypads?

Not as relevant as they once were.

Could typing skills be lost?

Most people think of learning to type like learning to ride a bike.

Are typing skills relevant in the age of tablets and mobile phones?

Yes. In fact tablets and mobile phone replicate a qwerty keyboard in order to type with relative speed.

Could someone learn how to type after years of having their own method of “hunting” for the keys?

Yes and No.  Bad habit are hard to break and we encourage all students to learn proper keyboarding over developing their own keyboarding methods.

Typing for Children FAQ