We Teach Children How To Type

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The #1 Site for teaching children typing!


Typing for Children is the preferred Common Core keyboarding resource of the Teachtopia Education Network.

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Typing for Children introduces you to many methods for learning how to type.  Learners respond to different methods and approaches.  

We have compiled every major resource available to assist you with your efforts for learning how to type

This site was created by speed typist Jody Weissler.

 An Integrated Approach to Typing

Learn to Type with speed and accuracy at Typing for Children

Learning how to type is critical for today’s students.  Computers are the future and keyboards are the interface.  Everyone must learn how to type.  Many people hunt and peck for each letter. If you want speed you need to be able to type. Children (and adults) who learn how to type are able to focus on what they are actually working on and not on where each letter is.  Typing should be a seamless process that occurs with no thought.


You will enjoy Typing for Children and learn to type using the resources provided on this site.